Saturday, 2 February 2013

New Kitchen

So last week after 3 days hard work (not mine I hasten to add as althought I can do some DIY I am not that good or qualified) I had a new kitchen. Hooray!!! Although actually not completely new, but a new hob and built in oven and a new sink and worktops all shiny and lovely. A friend of ours does this sort of thing for a living so we had him in to do our kitchen. The Mum decided that if we had a built in oven she might be able to do some cooking again as she could not lift things out of our old oven. I was quite happy to go along with this and so here it is. 

new sink
New counter top
Then she said that as we couldn't have the new sink we wanted put in last year because it wouldn't fit in the current work top, we might as well do that too, so we did. She also decided that we would have to have new work tops all round or we would have one odd one, so we did! The oven and hob are lovely and I am chuffed to bits with it all. Now to get used to it and start to make some more jams for the craft fair next weekend. Watch this space!

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