Thursday, 31 January 2013

Welcome to 2013 everyone.

Ours has not got off to the best start as the Grandson had a blinding (literally) migraine just after the new year started and then another yesterday evening, poor young man just after his 13th birthday too, this puberty lark is not fun! Also I have just heard today that a friend I have known since I was 6 has succumbed to the cancer that struck her years ago but which had recurred after being in abeyance for many years. So sad for everyone particularly her family that have to deal with their loss. Bless her and them.

 We did however have a lovely New Year's Eve party at the Daughter's with friends and the children around, so that was fun albeit a bit exhausting from the clearing up we had to do to get the house ready, still that is less for the daughter to do later.

 I have been doing lots of knitting as I had several orders for small items like fingerless gloves and have sold quite a lot over the last few months. I have just knitted a hat with earflaps which I plan to line with fleece. I may however do some with and some without and see how they sell at the craft fairs which Mum and I will continue to do. I will need to make more jam and chutney too as although we have no fairs until February Mum is getting a built in oven and new hob and a new sink and worktops done around 23rd Jan, so need to get stuff cooked before just in case I cannot get in the kitchen for a week or 2 (it will probably be done quite quickly but I am not taking any chances in case little things become big!) it will be lovely to have an oven that we don't have to bend down to (and Mum can use as she cannot do the bending and lifting out with the present one) and a new sink that can be cleaned easily without have to use bleach all the time!

There may also be some sewing in the offing which will be a change from the mending and altering that I have done during the last year. 

I have done no blogging for ages so guess I will be an intermittent blogger but who knows I may get inspiration from time to time.

 All in all there is lots to look forward to so watch this space and who knows what you may see

Happy New Year

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

I wrote a lovely blog over the New Year and it has somehow disappeared in to the ether! I have been busy haviing some new items put into my kitchen over the last week and will endeavour to write about it in my next blog when I have a bit more time.
This blog is a quickly to say I have been following a blog late called which I find interesting it is about a fellow knitter who lives in Israel. she has a bogiversry today and this blog is to celebrate with her. Happy Blogiversary Henka

so short and sweet folks as off to the garden centre with the Mum and the daughter. Hopefully more again soon as I was rather lax latterly last year

I have found it and posted it although I was sure I had posted it when I wrote it.....another senior moment then!