Monday, 11 March 2013



Buddy and Leya
This is Buddy, a pic taken a while ago. On Saturday he was put to sleep as he was not eating or drinking. Up until a few months ago he was quite happy and healthy although he was gettin quite old (at least 15). then he had a episode which was either a small stroke or something similar, but he recovered well. He was was the second of my daughters cats (a rescue) but had lived with me for quite a fews years when the daughter lived in accomodation where pets were not allowed. I also had Leya (also a rescue) her other cat who was a bit older than Buddy they came to me together. sadly Leya died before the daughter could have her back but she and the Grandchildren saw them almost daily.      

When I first fostered them I also had 2 cats of my own and they all got on well together. I had 2 long haired cats a black one Sooty who was rescued after being taken to the local vet (my landlord at the time) found after a nasty accident. He was a mess jaw, broken and other things but he recovered and lived to a hearty old age. Tasha was a grey and white  cat chosen by the daughter when she was about 14 and we lived in the same flat, the female kitten of the pet shop's cat. She also lived to a ripe old age before getting ill and being put kindly to sleep. Tasha was the only cat we have had that was not a rescue cat.

Buddy and Leya moved with me when the Mother and I moved here to where we still live and a couple of years ago Leya died one night in her sleep and I found her at the bottom of the stairs in the morning, she was also elderly.

Buddy missed her a lot, I was at work all day and we were always worried about the Mother tripping over him and he hated her walking stick as she is also elderly so when the daughter was in a place and could have him back she did. the Grandchildren were delighted and he would sleep on the Grandson's bed.

All the family are upset now he is gone he had been with us for a long while, the grandson is particularly upset as they were very close. Luckily they have the young dog to comfort them and the dogs of a family friend who is there a lot so hopefully they will get over the upset and remember the lovely cat we all had the pleasure of looking after.