Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A week has passed since I was able to waffle on here. Having said that Friday, Saturday and Sunday were spent fighting the migraine that had started the previous Sunday, sort of gone away and had the temerity to recur! Of course working full time in a Residential School for Special Needs students means working shifts, although luckily not overnight and add to that being a carer for my mother and also my daughter when they need it, it  leaves less time for other things than I would like.

However by Sunday afternoon I was able to go to the school swimming pool with the aforementioned daughter and the two grandchildren for a "swim". I use the term "swim" loosely as I sort of breast stroke/doggy paddle up the pool then hang on to the steps at the deep end for 5 minutes to recover and then return to the shallow end in a similar manner.(Ducan Goodhew has no need to worry). I enjoyed the 20 mins or so in the pool eventually managing four lengths, although I found it cold even though it probably wasn't!
On the way back home with the family it was dusky and all the birds were singing their evening songs in the trees in the school grounds. The wind had dropped and it was still and calm and absolutely beautiful.

Since then it has been damp and wet although not really cold and I have been concerned about the daughter who suffers from Fybromyalgia and finds this damp weather hard to cope with as it triggers her aches and pain. I went to see her straight after work at 4pm staying til about 7.30 and I was right she is suffering and there is nothing I can do to take the aches and pains away :(  so I will send her healing and good energy vibes and see how she is tomorrow. I admire the way she seldom gives in to her disabilities and tries to do "normal" things for the sake of her children. I know she suffers a lot more than she lets on and life is a tremendous struggle fo her. It is time life let up on her a bit and let her a least have les other worries even though we know her fibro will not disappear.

Although things can be very tiring sometimes, I am a lucky person, I have a fantastic daughter who is also my closetst friend, 2 lovely grandchildren, my mum, brother and sister-in-law, a cousin in New Zealand who is also like a sister and some wonderful friends and colleagues. I live in a nice town (well to me anyway) in a nice house and we manage to get by. Who could ask for more really?

and so to bed, to sleep, to sleep perchance to dream!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Well here we are Wednesday already, Hump Day as one of my friends calls it.
Yesterday I shot up to my daughter's to measure a friend for a medieval kirtle (dress to those of you not in the know) Now I need to find the time to sort the pattern and get it cut out. For those of you who don't already know I have pretensions of being a seamstress and my daughter and I make costume, mostly medieval but with a few others thrown in (see our facebook page "History Stitchery" which I will attempt to make a permanent link on the side of the blog one day when I can work out how to do it!
This time last year we even had a small exhibition at Bexhill Museum of our costumes and some of our reenactment kit and
On Monday I also acquired a flyer for my spinning wheel (Thank you to Shelagh in Battle Wool Shop. so now all I have to do is find the time to learn to use it! By the way does anyone know where I can get a Round Tuit?

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Reiki share yesterday afternoon at YouNique with 7 others. A good afternoon and learnt a new symbol too. A fantastic atmosphere in YouNique, calm and healing.Various classes are available including Pilates, Yoga, Ta'i Chi,and also Zumba. Anyone local to Bexhill Interested? It is in Windmill Drive.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Well actually today could have been a plan (sorta) as it more or less happened as we thought, although rather more than less as we bought more than the original plan and nothing to do with craft stuff! Ah well have to take advantage of a bargain when you see it. So I now have a lovely guitar and bag and bits sitting in my house awaiting when the grandson can pay me back for it! Bless him he has used his xmas and birthday money (well a lot of it) to buy a new bike as he suddenly outgrew his and the rest is going towards a guitar that he wants to get. (I am so proud of him) Passing the music shop we went in to see what there was and what would be good and there was the bargain! So now we will see how long it waits for him to get the rest of the money. Mind you I am tempted myself it is a lovely instrument with a very nice tone......I feel a chord or two coming on. He could have my guitar maybe?
Today the idea (I won't say plan as ours always seem to deviate or go wrong!) is to go into town and have a late breakfast and go to Thimbelina's to sort out fixing a sewing machine and get them serviced and to check out their stock for some new crafty ideas, but who call tell what will happen? Watch this space!