Monday, 27 February 2012

This is the latest project which I started today. I have never made a sock from the toe up so am having a go. I used a figure of 8 cast on method which I have also never tried before and am quite impressed with myself. I will be continuing until I have a sock, but whether it will be long or short I don't know. I have not made my mind up yet and it will probably depend on how much yarn it takes.
However over the next 10 days or so I need to make some marmalade and jam for the craft fair too, hmm I had better get cracking!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Well this is a pic of some of the knitting I have done this month and is to sell at a local craft fair in March. The pic is to be up loaded to a site where I have pledged to make something every month which I usually do anyway. My problem now is to find the site and upload the pic so this should be fun! Watch this space.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

I went to Reiki share today with both daughter and grandaughter and some other like minded friends. It is nice to give and receive healing from others, the energy around us is quite something. We also do a meditation  at the end and we had a good afternoon. After we got home to mine we watched Eragon and ordered a chinese takeaway which was very tasty. Tomorrow is the last day of half term and on Monday we go in for a training day with the students returning Tuesday lunchtime.
Yesterday I helped the daughter fit the skirt for a Victorian Walking costume she is making and I now feel a victorian skirt coming on for myself if I can find/get a suitable piece of if I hadn't got enough sewing/knitting/crafts to do not to mention jam/marmalade making for the next craft fair in March. I do like to do these things though I find them relaxing as they are so different from the work I do.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

I have now managed to cut out the medieval kirtle that is going to be made for a friend. The lining, which I shall sew first, is going to be in the blue and the outer in the terracotta. When it is finished it should actually be reversible. The next step is to pin and fit the blue and then sew it and the do the same with the terracotta. Watch this space. You can see other items of ours in

Sunday, 12 February 2012

There has not really been much to waffle about lately as I have been having a bout of headaches, mainly mild migraines but bad enough for me to be in bed and actually take medication which gives me a whoozy head and exacerbates the tinnitus, so all in all a bit of a crock!

We had a lot of snow over the weekend and on Monday the grandaughter built a tiny snowman in my garden, while I attempted to clear the front path!

I had a trip into town with the daughter during the week and we went to a little cafe we had not tried before and had something to eat, we will be going again! We are lucky in Bexhill as we have several cafes we can go into and get something for a reasonable price. I usually have to take some soy milk  just in case but a couple have it in stock. For once I didn't get anything at all (I usually fall prey to wool or craft stuff or books!) even though I need a new bag for work as the handle is going on mine ah well it will last a bit longer.

Half term started on Friday when the students all went home, which means a week of catching up and trying to do things. It got off to a bad start when I realised the material I am using to make a medieval kirtle for a friend needs washing first to preshrink it.and my washing machine is waiting for the lovely man to fix it. On monday am, bright and early (as one of my students says to me when I am on an early shift), still if I am up early I may get stuff done whilst I wait for him and then I can crack on with the material and the regular laundry!

 I haven't done much sewing for a while I have been knitting a lot but the latest thing I did was to reline a fur coat that a friend is recycling. to do this I used the lining from another old fur coat which kept it as a period item. I thought the finished article turned out very well and my frined was really pleased with it too, which is the main thing.