Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Drive,Wall and Path 1

As you know, we have been having a new drive, wall and path done. The chaps started last Monday and have been working hard, they pop in for 5 minutes when I make them a cup of tea and then off they go and don't even stop for food, they eat on the go. So the path and wall are finished and looking lovely, the path is slabbed and they have done it so the drain cover is slabbed too and looks like part of the path it is amazing! They have also made a sloped bit onto the grass where I take the green bin onto the grass when I am gardening because I asked if I could use a couple of off cuts to replace the old bit of concretey stuff I had there. The darker edge to the drive is laid and tomorrow they will be doing the drive and may well finish it. are the people I have used and I would highly recommend them. I will be taking some pics and putting them on here to show what a good job they have done for us.

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