Friday, 22 February 2013

Drive, Wall and Path 2

dtain cover
Here to the left is my tatty drive before the work, the wall was falling down and the concrete breaking up.

This on the right is the new drain coever with slabs in to make it part of the path, clever I call it!

I asked if I could have a couple of the off cuts of salb because I have a flat bit by the trellis which has some old slab on where I take the green bin onto the grass when I am gardening and they just said they would sort something and below is the result a sloping and very neat slab to the grass!

sloped slab to grass

And last but not least the completed driveway form the road up to the garage. I am chuffed to bits. Many thanks to I would reccommend them to anyone

completed driveway, wall and path

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